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The Lombardi Group currently has 12 pharmacies of which six are a Naples, four in Rome and two in the beating heart of Florence.

Test Antigenici Rapidi SARS-COV-2 in tutte le nostre farmacie

Lombardi Pharmacies is always by your side.
To intercept the spread of the COVID-19 virus, it has activated the service that allows you to request a quick antigen test at local pharmacies. Book your test by choosing the nearest pharmacy to you.
It is mainly used for the purposes of screening with short analysis times (about 15-20 minutes), sensitivity and specificity are lower than those of molecular buffer and semi-rapid antigenic buffer. On the basis of the epidemiological context, the outcome of the test must be confirmed with a molecular test or with another type of antigen test. The Test is aimed at people who have no symptoms; in case of symptoms it will be necessary to contact the attending physician.

How to book:

You can book yourself easily contattando direttamente la farmacia più vicina a te sulla mappa

You will need to bring a documento di identità valido, il codice fiscale. Non è necessaria la prescrizione medica.

The result is obtained in 15 minutes and a Green Pass will be issued valid for travel *, events and entrance to museums

For further information contact the pharmacy closest to you.

* (The legislation may vary according to the destination territory)